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The Chinese Weekly is a high quality Chinese magazine in the UK, successfully targeting educated, opinion forming audiences within the Chinese speaking community in the UK, and Chinese inbound travelers and across the world. The publication focuses on the trends and interests of Chinese migration globally as well as relevant lifestyle content featuring 6 themed columns including Current Affairs and Politics, Business and Finance, Education and Careers, Technology and Innovation, Culture and Design, Lifestyle and Fashion.


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What does Brexit mean for UK-China relations?
The uncertain economic impact of Brexit
How will Brexit affect the UK's tech industry?
A more insular looking Britain due to lack of EU funding
Which city will most likely replace London as Europe's financial centre after Brexit?

The renovation of Ireland in a century
How the Celtic Tiger survived the financial crisis?
Ireland in facts and figures
The facts of Irish culture
The public welfare in Ireland

What does Putin want?
The Chinese entrepreneur behind the online food ordering wars in the UK  
Enjoying the courses with great combination of theory and practice
"I tried the new 23&Me genetic test"
Alexander Calder: a pioneer of kinetic sculpture

Dominic Johnson-Hill: the British man who loves Beijing Hutong
A Belgium farmer's happy life in Shangai
A Cambridge graduate sells anti-pollution masks to China
Foreign interns head to China
Matt: an entrepreneur who never considers China as a cash cow

Lei Wang: I am homeless in my heart
Eric Lee: growing up away from home
Frank Leung: the sense of loneliness and belongings
Yang Li: what have I lost and gained in the last 10 years?
Eric Chiu: finding my way to success

Laugh loud, fight hard
Chen Hua: Jiecao targets the post-90s generation
How online videos deconstruct our culture?
Takeaway O2O: tasteful and provocative
Yi Xiaoxing: I have never expected life to be a comedy

Views on the Hinkley Point nuclear deal
Is China ready for RMB globalization?
Speaking of football, why should China learn from England?
How is ‘golden era’ sealed between the two countries?
For £40bn, what are the deals?

A glimpse of Google‘s London office
Is the workplace environment a key factor
in changing your life?
The philosophy of interior design
Out of the box creative office designs
Decoding office cultures

A city bike, a lifestyle
Solowheel : in the easiest way possible
EV cars: how green are they
Making flying cars a reality
Flying like the Iron Man

A florist in the era of Internet
Jumping into the manufacturing world
What else can journalists do
From a Wall Street trader to a styling consultant

Speaking for Musée du Louvre
Learning to be an architect at Foster & Partners
Entering the fashion industry
A rewarding experience of caring for horses